To join crew, speak with AJ Ark (our stage manager) or simply show up during one of our work days: Tuesday and Thursday after school, or Saturdays between 9am-5pm. Crew members must take the Safety Test and pass with a score of 100% before they can participate in any technical or construction work. Appropriate clothing must be worn each crew time: short sleeved shirts, preferably long pants or jeans that allow easy movement, and closed-toe shoes. Long hair must be tied back and no dangly jewelry or accessories are allowed for safety reasons. Your vision must be good or, if you need glasses/contacts to see properly, those must be worn at all times. 

Crew members are expected to show for work every day that crew is called and stay for the whole time. If a crew member consistently skips, leaves early, or doesn't do sufficient work, they will be asked to leave for the remainder of the show. Jobs for performances are assigned before or during Tech Week and Cue-to-Cue, and based off of good attendance, quality of work done, and personal skills.

Saturday Work Parties

Saturday Work Parties are held on certain Saturdays up until the beginning of Tech Week; if needed, they will continue right up until opening week. Same standards are required as stated above. Parent volunteers are encouraged and greatly appreciated to come and help out at Work Parties! Those with costuming/construction experience are much needed. Contact James Farmer at with any questions regarding volunteering or to sign up. Pizza lunch/dinner is provided, and $3 per person is to be paid to James Farmer during lunch for the pizza. You are welcome to bring your own lunch/snacks/dinner.