Fees & Parent Information


All cast members are required to pay a one-time $85 activity fee to the Activities Office, located in 3-Hall (accommodations if cannot be afford to be paid). Activity Fee must be paid before opening performance, and is good for the fall play, musical, AND one-acts of that year. If fee is not paid by the end of the school year, student's transcripts will be withheld and may not be allowed to graduate.

On closing night for each performance, a Show Party will be held! Show Parties rotate each show between a volunteer cast or crew member's house. If you are interested in hosting a Show Party, your house must be able to accommodate around 30 cast and crew members. The host should provide food, but a $4 donation per person is given to the host of the party as gratuity. Speak with Chris Grovom, our Stage Manager, about hosting a Show Party.

For Parents

If your child auditions and is cast a role, congratulations! However, before they can participate in rehearsals, a parent or a guardian must sign the Audition Packet and have your kid turn it in to our director, James Farmer. The Activity Fee must also be paid before opening night of their first show that academic year.

Parent volunteers are needed! Jobs range from helping in construction during Saturday Work Parties to working the concessions during performances. Email James Farmer at james_farmer@beaverton.k12.or.us if you are considering being a volunteer for Sunset Drama. Parents are encouraged to participate in shows and support their child in helping to make it come alive!  Click on the parent volunteer at the top of the homepage to sign up!

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