Rehearsal schedules will be posted on the Theatre Callboard in 3-Hall, as well as on the online calendar posted here. ALL cast members are required to attend each and every rehearsal for the entire rehearsal time unless otherwise posted. On certain days, only some cast members will be called. It is your responsibility to check which days you are called to rehearse your scenes. In the Audition Packet you should list any days you will be gone from rehearsal. These include doctor appointments and previously scheduled family engagements, but do not include sick days or skipping. Keep in mind that the only place and time you will be able to list days of absence will be in the Audition Packet. If you miss one or two rehearsals, you will be talked to about it by Farmer; if it happens repeatedly, you will be removed from the show.

Cast members must bring their script to rehearsal every day and wear clothes they can move around easily in; revealing or inappropriate clothing such as short skirts, heels, and tight pants that don't allow for a great range of movement are not advised. Actors will not be allowed to leave in the middle of rehearsal (unless previously requested in the Audition Packet) for any reason; therefore, bring a water bottle and a snack with you. during the final weeks before show our stage manager will not let anyone leave to get food so make sure to get things done BEFORE rehersal!

See the lists below for Ensemble A and B assignments- Note also toys and statue assignments

Ensemble A

Gabi Garcia*

Danielle Metcalf

Joe Shingledecker*

Megan Bootsma*

Arthur Hollander

Georgina Jeffers

Abby Weiss*

Mia Fast

Jade Tacherny*

John Christian*

Alexandria Kropf**

Dahlia Wyatt *

Ariana Manfredi**

Duncan Ferren

Liam Andrews

Tara Taggart*

Morgan Dunn

Annika Zimmerman*

Vanessa Miller

Caitlyn McShane

Laura Guenther**

Mathew Bryan*

Em schultz

Rae Downey**

Chloe Rust

Elise Finley

Mykel Mahaffy

Ensemble B

Simone Flowers,

Nicole Sterba,

Isabelle Packham,

Gabi Fallon,

Erin Horton,

Kat Devoy,

Natalie Pruett,

Jazzy Thomas

Grace Chumbley

Jason Baek,

Kate Gagnon,

Charlotte McLandress,

Taylor Ardantz

Alder Wyatt,

Ori Tsumeret

Taylor Strauss,

Jade Strauss,

Zsoee Eisel,

Coleen Uffelmann

Thomas Brooks,

Hansika Rau

Mathew Horton

Lindsey Monaghan

Dylan MacGregor

Lucy Gordon



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