GOAL:  $170,000     RAISED TO DATE:  $106,686

We did it!  Thank to all our supporters, we raised the funds needed to purchase and install a new theater sound system in the Sunset Auditorium ($98K).  It went in the first week of December and was used for the first time during the Winter Choir Concert performance of "Les Miserables" - and they sounded FANTASTIC!!  We can hardly wait to hear the Spring Musical when "The Music Man" comes in March!!

Want To Make a Donation?

If you would like to donate funds to the SHS Auditorium Renovation Fund, please use the Donate button below to give any amount via PayPal or credit card.  Enter "SHS Auditorium Fund" in the description field and any dollar amount in the amount field.

Does your company match funds?  If yes, please remember to submit a Matching Funds Request and note "SHS Auditorium Renovation Fund"

What will the funds be used for?

Donations will be used for the following projects to be started in 2018:

  • Upgrade the sound system-DONE AS OF DECEMBER 2018!!
  • Updatethe sound booth
  • Update shop space and paint room for set construction
  • Update dressing rooms, costume/prop storage area

Beaverton School District Bond Fund Projects

Beaverton School District has invested over $1.6 million over the past few years updating Sunset's auditorium:

  1. Nearly $800,000 upgrading the electrical and lighting system in the auditorium in 2015.
  2. During the summer of 2017, they were able to install a new stage floor, nearly a year ahead of the planned schedule, at an estimate cost of $112,000
  3. The District rebuilt the thrust stage, added aisle safety lighting and performed other safety-related projects in summer 2018 at a cost of nearly $700,000.
  4. In addition, they have been working to repair some of the worst seating safety issues.

Installation of a climate control system (estimated at $300,000 or more) may be considered in a future bond unless donors come forward earlier for this large project.