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Thespian Officers 

James Cornel

Geordie Tilt

Griffin Prillwitz

AJ Ark

Erin Allais

Kennedy Hefferman


Oregon Thespians:

Educational Theatre Association / International Thespian Society:

At the 2018 State Thespian Festival, Gabi Garcia's play Past, Present, Future was awarded State Select and performed by Isabelle Packham and Abby Weiss, earning Chapter Select with an overall score of SUPERIOR. Geordie Tilt and Elise Finley competed in Duo Dramatic Experienced and placed third in state. David Self presented his Lighting Design and AJ Ark presented his work as Stage Manager for the fall show Rosencrantz & Guildernstern are Dead. At the 2018 Regional Acting Conference, Will Haskins and Griffin Prillwitz were awarded Regional Finalist for their Duo Comedic Experienced scene.

At the 2017 State Thespian Festival, Geordie Tilt presented his short film, winning fourth in state.

At the 2016 State Thespian Festival, Sunset's Thespians were featured on the main stage with the re-mounting of the Fall 2015 production of Middletown, one of three shows featured at the conference. In addition, Francisco Covarrubias competed at the 2016 Northwest Regional Acting Conference in the film production category, earning an opportunity to compete (and winning 1st place) at State. Oskar Linde also showcased his lighting and design talents at State for the work he did for Sunset's Spring show, Spamalot.

At the 2013 Northwest Regional Acting Conference, many of our Thespians competed and two, Meredith Waggoner and Sydney White won a chance to audition for the State Acting Showcase.  Meredith won a spot in that year's showcase.  Again, Sunset's One Act offering won a score of superior.

At the 2012 Northwest Regional Acting Conference, many Thespians competed and Brian Fitzgerald won a chance to audition for the State Showcase.  He won a spot and performed his solo acting pieces at the showcase.  Brian was also a State Thespian Board Member.  Again, Sunset's One Act offering won a score of superior.

At the 2011 Oregon Northwest Regional Acting Conference, four of our Thespians competed and won a chance to go to the State Acting Conference: Brian Fitzgerald, Olivia Gray, Noah Lamb, Olan Muller, and Brittany Villela.

Olan Muller and Olivia Gray qualified for solo acting; Sunset High School's One Act that was presented received a score of SUPERIOR.


"Thespians is a group for all people involved in theatre: actors, directors, whatever it is you're interested in, we accept." -Brian Fitzgerald

"A Thespian is a person who is passionate about the theatre in general, the acting and technical aspects of it." -Brooke Lewis

Thespians are about celebrating theatre in a way that takes involvement between schools into account, as well as broadcasting and integrating themselves into the community. We are a group that accept all people from playwrights, directors, actors, technicians, and people     who just plain enjoy watching performances.

Below is the Theatre Etiquette Video played at the 2011 Regionals, and was done by the Sunset High School Thespians in addition with fellow students.

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