To audition for any theatrical production, you must sign up on the Audition Sign-Up Sheet on the Call Board located outside the theatre in 3-Hall. Auditions are generally held 2-3 months before performance nights and are an opportunity for you to show off your acting skills and land a role in a play! After you sign up for an audition (make sure you don't miss your audition time, because you won't be able to do it at a different time!) get the Audition Packet from the director and have it filled out BEFORE you come to audition. Auditioning takes place over two days; dates will be posted on the Call Board. Mini-scripts with excerpts from the production chosen will be provided at the time of auditioning. 

After auditions have been completed, callbacks may be made for certain actors to read specific lines or for the director to make a final  decision. Callbacks and cast list will also be posted on the Call Board and it is your job to check the lists to see if you made Callbacks and to check which role you got. If you were cast, and are satisfied with the role you received, then sign your initials next to your name; this tells the director that you are committed to your role and the production. If you do not sign your initials, then you are not accepting the role given. You will not have another chance to change your mind, so think carefully before you commit either way.

 Auditions for the Spring Musical

Auditions for the Spring Musical run the same way as auditions for the Fall Play and One Acts, with the exception that you will need a song or part of a song to perform. It is highly recommended that the song is from a musical. Even if you are aiming for a non-singing role, you must still bring a song and sing it for the director and musical director to evaluate your singing ability; you may get cast a role different from what you auditioned for.

If you are nervous about auditioning, don't be! Rehearse your lines with a friend before you go in, or ask for tips and advice from other auditioners. There are also plenty of people who can help you become confident beforehand.

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